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Hi, I’m Suzy Berry

I've been a Spanish tutor since 2012 and have loved my job teaching children and adults of all ages and abilities. I've created this short course based around what most of my students have asked me to teach them before embarking upon a short trip. Here's what I think you'll need to make the most of your time and learn some key phrases and grammar so you can express yourself freely and feel confident talking in Spanish.

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Come into my zoom room for more
The price above is for the online material alone. If you wish to purchase one to one lessons they can be purchased on here as a fortnightly block for £70 and you'll join any other students partaking.

A biweekly zoom session can keep you on track with your learning and give you an opportunity to ask questions and practice.

If you'd prefer weekly sessions message me at [email protected] or call 07816945122. For each person you refer onto the personal lessons the overall cost drops by 30%.

Each session would be £20 one to one, or £34 for two friends or £42 for 3 friends and so on so it pays you to refer a friend and via zoom those friends can come from anywhere.

It's time to turn your world upside down! Wouldn't it be exciting to be able to speak to over 500 million more people in the world? Learn a new skill and open yourself up to new opportunities? What's stopping you?